Creating A Great Research Paper About Human Trafficking

Slaver was officially abolished centuries ago however many people still live under a different type of enslavement. Around the world there are people who are either kidnapped or lured under false pretense to other countries to work in inhumane illegal circumstances.

This situation is known as human trafficking and it has become much more visible over the past few years. Here are some ways that you conduct research on it and derive from that a paper that you can be proud of:

  • Read the reports from international agencies
  • This type of trafficking has been and continues to be studied by many international bodies. By looking at their reports you can gain some very important insights to help you with your research such as:

    • Which countries the majority of victims come from
    • Which countries the majority of perpetrators come from
    • The countries where they end up
    • The industries they are taken into (e.g. Prostitution, domestic work, drug smuggling etc)
    • The methods of escape that work best

  • Speak to people who have been trafficked
  • There are many survivors who are eager to share their stories to make others less susceptible to this problem. Compile a list and make sure to research ahead of time so you will know the more politically correct ways to refer to aspects of their ordeals. If they were trafficked into the illegal sex trade, some of them may no longer wish to refer to the people who ‘purchased’ them as boyfriends or pimps. They may be thought of as primary abusers. It helps to ask the survivor what she prefers because these concepts may be triggers which revisit the trauma in difficult ways.

  • Read similar papers to see where your ideas would fall
  • You may want to write original and world altering research but you cannot hope to do so unless you know what’s already out there. The work you want to do may already have been done by someone else. Make sure that you are up to date so that you do not inadvertently write redundant work. Yo do not even need to read it all. You can even split the work among friends if that helps.

We can hope that a world where human rights are always respected will one day come but only by researching problems like these will we get anywhere near that point.

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