15 Ideas To Consider For Writing A Research Paper On Soccer History

Students love to write on non-academic subjects. They enjoy looking at ideas that they are familiar with and interested in beyond the classroom. One of these ideas could be a paper on sports. Soccer is popular around the world, and might be assigned as a topic for a class. If you are given a research paper assignment on soccer history, consider these 15 ideas.

15 Ideas

  1. People who are famous from the past such as Pele
  2. The changes in how the game is now played and how it was once played
  3. How different countries support the sport and which countries the game has the most support in
  4. People who have died for the sport in the past and why they died for it
  5. The rules and regulations and the positions and regulations and rules for the positions
  6. Look at why it was invented, such as the reasons for it in Greece, Rome, and Central America
  7. Look at the terms that are used in the sport and how they are called different names in different places
  8. Compare and contrast it to other similar sports
  9. Historical artifacts connected with the game have been discovered, look at some of these relics and what they tell modern day man about the sport
  10. The sports and the rulers who have loved and played it
  11. Rugby vs. Soccer-which was invented first and which one impacted the other one more than the other
  12. The ball-how much doe sit weigh, what is it made of, and how these things have changed over the years
  13. The goal and what it originally looked like and what it was made out of
  14. The famous ladies who have won, changed, and impacted the sport
  15. The Olympics through the years and the sport, who ha own most often or who has had the least amount of success

You will use sources, so make sure that you include the in-text citations, as well as the bibliography or the works cited page. Additionally, even though this is a fun subject, it will still need to be an academic and formal paper. You will need to follow all of the writing rules as you compose the piece. Make sure that you follow all of the teacher’s instructions a you complete this fun piece.

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