25 Inspiring College Research Paper Topics To Choose From

When you write a research paper, you have the chance to help your colleagues. You can change their opinion regarding certain issues and you can influence them to do something extraordinary. This is why you have to be very careful with the topic that you pick; it needs to be something relevant to your life and your community. If you don’t have any inspiration, take a look at these topic ideas:

  1. Equal rights for gay people. For sure you know that there are many people who suffer because they can’t get married or adopt children.
  2. Payment gender gap. Do you think that it is fair to pay women less than we pay men?
  3. Animal abuse in your country. Is this frequent? What are the laws of the government regarding this issue?
  4. Vandalism. Can we prevent this by educating the teenagers?
  5. Being a president and what moral duties you have.
  6. Should the police have the right to shoot people in the street?
  7. Smoking in teenagers; how can we prevent this? Are media campaigns effective?
  8. The exploitation of natural resources. We are damaging our planet more and more and this is obvious if we look around us.
  9. Endangered species. Are we protecting them enough?
  10. Children with autism. How can we be sure that they will be integrated in the community? Tell your colleagues more about this disease.
  11. Third world countries. While people in the West spend a lot of money on simple clothes, people in poor countries don’t even have water to drink.
  12. Illegal hunting. If we apply severe punishments, this will stop?
  13. Religious discrimination. Explain why it is important to accept any person, regarding the color, religion or gender.
  14. Immigrants. If your country has many immigrants, you probably know how difficult it is for them to be accepted by the community. How can we help them?
  15. Charity for children.
  16. Testing products on animals in laboratories.
  17. Cultivating cocaine in third world countries.
  18. Women in the Middle East culture.
  19. Is internet a safe place for children? Can we trust the people that they talk with on the Internet?
  20. Domestic abuse. Most of the children who witness this will never talk about it, because they feel fear or shame.
  21. Should the army be obligatory for any man?
  22. Smoking in public places.
  23. Drinking and driving; how dangerous this actually is?
  24. International adoptions; why is it so difficult to adopt a child from another country?
  25. Drug abuse.

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