A List Of 12 Unique US History Research Paper Topics Worth Writing On

At one point in your life, you had to write a US history paper. Sure, sometimes it was boring or sometimes there were too many facts. But now is your chance to actually write about something interesting and it will be the most unique events in US History.

  • Jamestown Settlement
  • Who wouldn’t want to write about the first English Settlement in the Americans? It was the first step to colonization of the 13 colonies, and it has history.

  • The American Revolutionary War
  • This war was a step toward independence of the United States. An interesting event with several battles to write about including the famous battles of Lexington and Concord.

  • The Constitution of the United States
  • A very important part of our American History. There were many steps taken in order for America’s forefathers to create the Constitution. Not only that but also, another astonishing fact is that it only had to be ratified the least number of times. The timelessness of the Constitution is astonishing and very interesting to write about.

  • The Mexican-American War
  • A war that won America large territories of land leading to the America map of today.

  • The American Civil War
  • Otherwise known as the battle between the Union and the Confederates. Slavery could also be discussed because it led to the emancipation of American slaves.

  • Gettysburg Address
  • Was addressed by Abraham Lincoln in honor of the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Gettysburg. The address is well known and usually comes up once or twice in any history class.

  • The Spanish-American War
  • The history of this event is that when the US intervened in the Cuban War of Independence they had attacked Spain’s territories in the Pacific which led to the Philippine-American War. Interesting chain of events could be discussed to explain how this happened.

  • World War 1
  • This war was the First World War. The countries that were involved in the war are well-known but what about the countries that were not involved or who’ve come to be because of the war?

  • The Great Depression
  • It was said to be caused by WW1 but was it really?

  • World War 2
  • And the chain events that lead to the declaration of war and the Pacts that were created.

  • The founding of the United Nations
  • And how it impacts the world today

  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • And the interesting parties who were involved like MLK and Rosa Parks.

All these topics may or not be unique, but they are famous events except for Jamestown settlement. Jamestown settlement is known but not famous. Depending on what is unique to the writer is what the writer should write about. But US History topics are sometimes difficult to choose from.

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