12 Excellent Chemistry Topics For Your Research Paper

Writing a research paper on chemistry is not an easy task. Students who have major in chemistry may find good topics by searching on the internet that is an easy way to do. However, deeper study can make the subject interesting and motivating that can help in providing topics. The very first thing that you have to do is to choose a topic that should be well thought, unique, original, valid, authenticated and newest.

Invest your time as well as efforts to choose an interesting research topic. Make sure that you choose a topic that has many fields to explore and is highly interesting. The goal of writing such paper should be to choose a topic, explain all the relevant fields and determine what can be done to change the situation or to further the work in limited areas.

What should you do to find a good topic?

To find a good topic it is very important to become an active reader as well as listener. The traditional lectures given in a class are not sufficient you have to become an active reader as well. You should also read other paper’s abstracts from the journals that can give an in-depth idea about the subject. If you identify a topic that is interesting make sure that there are many literatures in that topic. However, even after deciding the topic you should continue reading so that you can learn more and more. By learning you can develop an idea that can help you in writing.

12 chemistry topics that is both interesting and vast

  1. Nanotechnology and the progress it made
  2. Food allergies in people and the chemicals that trigger it
  3. Randon and why it is dangerous?
  4. Diet sodas and its effects on human bones
  5. Greenhouse gases and their impact
  6. Community water and how fluoride is effecting?
  7. Marie Curie and her role in modern chemistry
  8. Sugar as a battery supply and the chemistry behind it
  9. Ossification
  10. Understanding of chemistry and how it changes the world
  11. What chemistry is involved in generic medicines and why are they less expensive
  12. Chemistry behind MDMA and the effects on users

Most chemistry papers are written in a formulaic style, therefore choosing the right topic is very important. As choosing a topic is the toughest part whatever you choose, make sure that the whole paper must be written in the same way.

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