How Do You Make A Title Page For A Research Paper In The MLA Style?

Every week your professor is asking you to write a new research paper. It was interesting in the beginning, but not you see that the subjects are getting more and more difficult. Besides, you are supposed to improve your writing style so your teacher is more severe with you and your classmates. He will pay attention to every small element and for something like the title page he can give you a very bad grade. Well, here is what you have to do to create a great title page in the MLA style:

  • Use white paper and a classic font. Many students think that if they use colored paper, their project will seem more interesting. The truth is that this will make you look unprofessional and your professor will not be happy with this. Also, it is completely prohibited to change the font; you have to use the same type of letters in the entire composition. The only exception is when it comes to definitions or words in another language; you can use an italic font to emphasize them.
  • Write your school first. In the middle of the page, right at the top, you have to write the name of your school or college. Of course, it is necessary to use the complete formula, not only the name itself. You can use a normal size for the letters, or you can make them slightly bigger.
  • Choose a good title and subtitle for your composition. Most of the times a subtitle will not be necessary, but it is a requirement for the MLA style. Remember that it needs to be relevant to the topic and not longer than a few words.
  • Write your name and identification number. The number is not necessary if your school did not assign you one. Also, it is necessary to write the name of your professor or the name of your supervisor. Forgetting to do this can compromise all your hard work and destroy the entire project.
  • Write the date and the due date. It is important to write on your page the date when you submit your composition and the date when you were supposed to do this. This will help the professor see if you delivered the project in time, more early or too late.

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