List Of 14 Research Paper Topics Related To Literature

As far as literature research paper topics are concerned, there is no limit to the titles upon which you can base your academic paper. In your days as a high school or college student, you must have read various novels and other literary pieces written by great men and women. So, you can see that getting ideas for your next academic paper does not have to be stressful in any way, especially if you have been following along with all the readings designated for your class. If however, you have not been following along, then this article would help you have a topic for your academic paper in a short while.

If you are ready to know what the topic of your literature research paper might look like, here is a list of topics for you to choose from. They are as follows:

  • In what ways can a novel’s characters give a reflection of the ideals of the time?
  • Historical accuracy of novels – Determining what is and what is not
  • J.K. Rowling – A look at the utilization of symbolism in her works
  • In what ways are the ideals of female chastity portrayed in Samuel Richardson’s Pamela?
  • To kill a mocking bird – An analysis of the main theme
  • The use of prolepsis plot technique – How to make it work in screenwriting
  • A look at the impact of economic surroundings on the work of Picasso
  • Between the early 80’s and now – Understanding the impact of comedy in the literary world
  • Ancient China and prose – Understanding the historical background
  • Asia’s rich prose archives – An analysis from a societal perspective
  • Biblical poetry – The book of Job in perspective
  • Elif Shafak – A look at a modern writer’s works
  • An analysis of contemporary prose from great artists
  • Prose – A look at what makes it so compelling
  • A look at the impact of major historical events on the plot of a given play

So, if you have been on the hunt for a very interesting research paper topic related to literature, there you have them above. Remember, you need to pay attention to the sources you use when gathering information for your academic paper. You should also look at examples of other academic papers to enable you complete your paper in the right format, tone, and structure. Take your time to polish your paper before you submit to your tutor.

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