16 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Network Security

Are you studying network security at college or university level? If yes, there are high chances that you will be asked to write essays on the topic. If you are trying to get admission in a network security course, it is highly likely that the committee would like to test your knowledge in the basics and also some advanced knowledge in the subject matter would be a big plus. Here are sixteen topic suggestions for you. These topics are a mix of both basic and advanced topics. Therefore, you should read all the topics to find the topic you are most comfortable writing on.

If you want, you can also tweak or modify the topics or add new elements to write a more informative dissertation or research paper.

  1. Principles and practices of internetwork as well as network security
  2. Adjustable systems and methods which are instrumental in responding to attacks on PC network security
  3. PC network security methods and systems which have independent enforceable policy provision
  4. Hierarchical Kohonenen map or K-map for detecting anomalies in PC network security
  5. The role of network security in granting and restricting access to security subsystems following the initial installation
  6. Management and deployment of more than one network security systems through a master device
  7. Use of an isolated laboratory to impart training on advanced and sophisticated network security
  8. Deployment of reclosers and distributed generators for advanced network reliability and security
  9. The weakest adversary metric for configured network security analysis
  10. Systems and methods for distribution network security upgrade and address translation
  11. Measurement of network security with using Bayesian network attack graphs and data
  12. Network security in cloud computing: the case of virtual machines
  13. How to manage log archives and reports for upgrading and monitoring network security?
  14. Network security policy frameworks for putting into operation other security frameworks across networks
  15. Network security platform for IT managers
  16. Non cryptographic method of identification and authentication in virtual networks

Still looking for topic suggestions? Well, you can get a whole lot of topics if you visit network security blogs, network security portals and a public or college library.

Also, if you got time, feel free to step up and ask your mentor about a few tentative topics. Your mentor or someone who is senior to you and has studied or taught this subject for years would be able to dish out a few more suggestions worth considering. However, the onus of research is on you.

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