Where To Find A Good Example Of Acknowledgements In A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a long-term project that requires lots of work. You can hardly compose a strong assignment without the assistance of your school professors, peers, friends, and family members. So, students usually prepare acknowledgements in their works where they thank others for the provided help. In order to write an acknowledgement page without a hitch, you should get a good example. The following tips on how to find it will save your time:

  1. Visit the websites of your department and school library.
  2. Most departments ask their students to upload research papers and dissertations on their websites so that other students can learn how to write such kind of assignments. The best pieces of writing are often selected by the librarians and school professors. You can find them on both in print and online in the school library. A librarian will help you find a document with acknowledgements that you can use as a sample.

  3. Ask your supervisor to share a few examples.
  4. Most professors keep the works of their best students. These well-written assignments are great samples, so you should study them carefully. It makes sense to ask your professor where you can find an acknowledgement page template and what you should keep in mind while writing your research paper. It is a good idea to find out where you can get a writing tutorial with examples.

  5. Find samples written by professional writers.
  6. Reliable writing agencies, as well as independent writers, share examples of their works. It is a good idea to use a document written by a professional writer, so use your search engine to find websites of high-rated writing companies and blogs of popular freelance academic writers. If you cannot find what you need on their websites, do not hesitate to ask for a free research paper inquiry.

  7. Browse through research databases.
  8. On the Web, there are plenty of research databases and various archives with academic assignments. There, you can find many documents with acknowledgement information that you can review in order to get a basic understanding of what you should include in your writing and how to structure it in a proper manner. You can find a list of such electronic databases at the school library.

The aforementioned tips will help you find reliable sources of sample acknowledgement pages. Remember to check book publications that discuss how to write a research project, dissertation, or a thesis. You may find important basics and easy-to-follow tips.

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