7 Steps To Composing A Superb High School Research Paper

A research paper can intimidate even the most studious of high school students. Not only is there a lot of studying to do about the topic, you also need to study what other people have written about it. Professional scholars do this all the time, so it you are going to go on to higher academics, this is excellent practice for you.

Follow these 7 steps to create a fantastic paper:

  1. Get a principle text book that covers the subject you’re going to write about and use it as the basis or foundation of your paper. This will give you a good solid starting point. You can use it to get topic ideas from as well. Write down notes and keep track of which page you got the notes from. You will need to reference the source later and perhaps even cite from it.
  2. Begin to create your argument. You need to have some of your own thoughts go into this as well. Has something sparked some ideas for you? Start thinking about larger and related themes for your topic. What purpose or main point do you want to get across to your readers?
  3. Find some supplemental sources to go along with your argument. Decide what angle you’re taking and then find some sources to back up the specifics of your argument. You also need to take counter-objections into consideration. When your readers can see you know about the opposing view on a topic, it helps you gain credibility.
  4. Once your research is complete, make sure your original argument is still valid. Did you find enough facts and evidence to back up your claim?
  5. Use the main points you gathered to create an outline. Under each main point, have 2 or 3 pieces of supporting evidence. You will then place these in a logical order. Working with an outline is a great idea because it makes the writing process simpler and faster.
  6. Fill in the details for your outline. The more you fill it in, the closer you become to writing the first draft. Expound on each main point until you’ve written at least a paragraph for each, keeping in mind the length requirements for your paper.
  7. Proofread your final draft. Before you hand it in, make sure it’s edited thoroughly and all errors are corrected.

Your paper is now finished and polished, ready to hand in to your teacher.

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