Creating a Solid Research Paper on Child Abuse in 5 Simple Steps

For one to be able to create an informative and educational study on the problem of child abuse, it is important that the researcher can employ five simple steps to achieve this goal. These are the following:

Investigative Information Gathering

First, one has to gather all the pertinent information regarding the situation at hand. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, the researcher has to be methodical and sensitive regarding gathering significant details, interviews, documentation.

Procurement of other necessary details should be done in a discreet and orderly fashion. A researcher should also be able to acquire the legal permits to conduct such interviews and get the necessary documentation to assure the viability of the research.

Being Resourceful

If the persons of interest are not willing to give much information about themselves due to the sensitive nature of this situation, do not hesitate to seek the help of the proper authorities (police, social services) to handle the matter in a much more official way.

One should also be willing to contact competent medical personnel (child psychologists, psychiatrists) to obtain significant psychological backgrounds on the people involved. (i. e. The abuser and the abused) In case personal interviews do not yield positive results, background documentation on said individuals would be a great help to the researcher.

Extensive Analysis

Once all the pertinent information necessary have been gathered, the second stage of the research can now commence. As a researcher, it is one’s duty to give clear and concise details about the cause of abuse and possible prevention.

This is where extensive analysis enters the picture. The researchers should be able to figure out and possibly shed light on what could be the root cause of the problem and how to resolve it.


This could be a good skill to have as a researcher on child abuse. Profiling refers to the process of building a specific personality profile for all subjects involved in the case. By doing this, the researcher will be able to get a clear description an appraisal of the people involved in cases of abuse.


After collecting pertinent data, building extensive personality profiles and analyzing all collected information, now comes giving a proper recommendation regarding how to deal with the problem. It would be best for the researcher to tailor the recommendations to the community in focus. Give the necessary details regarding where residents can go for help. Also, the documents should also shed light on the symptoms of abuse about the subject community.

This will give people a clear understanding of how they can prevent child abuse and any other forms of violence in the long run. For more information and details regarding child abuse, do not hesitate to visit this resource website.


These are the five simple steps to create a solid research paper on child abuse. Hopefully, one can learn from this and become a competent researcher in the future.

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