Writing Hints: Crafting A Research Paper On Biochemistry

Biochemistry is, most assuredly, a challenging topic indeed. Often, professors and instructors want you to follow very strict guidelines when documenting the lab reports, journal articles, and books you may use to inform your paper.

You’ll want to ask them, if they haven’t given you research paper guidelines, if there’s a resource that will help you format the paper according to the assignment’s rules.

Also, you’ll want to choose recent, respected sources. Why? Because new discoveries in biology, medicine, and biochemistry are always happening—even as we speak. From growing ears on mice, to discovery to liver cancer—all of which happened within two years, medicine and technology and biological discoveries are happening at the speed of a comet.

Some Great Tips For Writing a Fantastic Biochemistry Paper

  1. Make Your Professor do Some of the Work to Help You
  2. You will only be graced with this particular prof’s knowledge for a short time—so use them. Go early or stay late and pump them for info that will help you write a paper that will knock their socks off.

    • Approach them with your ideas for a focus/topic for this assignment.
    • If you can, have your major thesis clearly stated in words, or at least a working thesis/argument clearly written out for them to scan to see if they believe it is a doable topic.
    • Then, ask them any researchers that could most inform your paper.
    • Also, ask them what kind of books and journals to consult to most inform your paper.
    • and any other questions you have on formatting this research paper (You might want to break these up over class periods or schedule time within their office hours when they have already carved out time to speak with students.
  3. Gather your research and document as you go.
  4. I cannot tell you how much time and trouble this rule I fashioned after many years of losing sources in the stacks of research in my apartment, on the desk, in cardboard boxes. The hunt alone that would have helped me support my most urgent arguments and points often, could not be found until four a.m., when I was too tired to write any more.

    Don’t do this to yourself—Label your work with staples—these don’t fall off—with papers appended to them that say things like “This one has that great quote on new biochemical discoveries.”

  5. Start super early and watch that article slowly become a finely polished gemstone!

Good luck! Create something you’re proud of!

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