Effective Strategies to Write a Research Paper Hypothesis Statement

Writing a research paper hypothesis statement can be just as stressful as working on any other part of a project. A lot of students experience some type of mental block where they have a general idea of what they want to explore but have no idea what to expect and therefore what to say about it. We’ve come up with these effective strategies to write a great research paper hypothesis statement:

  • Read the existing literature.
  • Take a look at some of your required and recommended readings from your syllabus. If there is an area that interests you do a little more digging and find areas that have yet to be fully explored or studied. It might help to look up some topics online just to get a sense of what will be available to you when you start your own research.

  • Generate several questions.
  • Start by simply writing down several questions of which you would like to explore. These could be inspired by some of the literature you have reviewed, or can come from original questions that interest you from something mentioned in class. Just create a list to start brainstorming.

  • Consider your variables.
  • A good project should have a number of variables that could affect your study. While coming up with ideas for a good statement you should list your variable to help you start thinking about narrowing the focus of your work. You may find that too many variables may make your study unmanageable.

  • Start with a simple hypothesis.
  • Think about the questions you have about your study as well as the variables you believe may affect the outcome. This should be enough to start writing a few phrases to help you form a simple hypothesis. You can always change this later but this is a good start to get your project going.

  • Give some more direction.
  • Your statement can be either directional or non-direction. This is simply to say that more explanation is provided in terms of relationships between variables and the other is to say that some variable may affect another in some way but you don’t need to provide an explanation

  • Get focused and specific.
  • As you narrow the lens on your statement you should be able to refine your hypothesis to a more focused and specific draft. This should be good to direct your study and give you some guidance in terms of what you will be testing and the predictions you are making.

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