Interesting Research Paper Topics On Sports In Canada

Students who are interested in sports in Canada will find many great ideas for their research papers. Although you can select a topic depending on your personal interests, you should keep the purpose of your assignment in mind. The following tips and suggestions will help you make a wise choice.

How to Choose Sport-Related Research Paper Topics

  • Develop your idea by brainstorming.
  • This technique is used by most students who want to develop an original topic. First, you need to brainstorm on the broader subject. Then, record your thoughts and write down a list. Third, select the idea that you’re curious about and narrow it down.

  • Get inspired by your favorite sport.
  • If you have a favorite game, it’s a good place to start your research. You can explain the core rules, explore its history, or analyze the common injuries. Think of something that will be interesting to your audience, though.

  • Find sample topics.
  • Sample prompts and study questions may spark your creative thinking, so look for collections of great topics online or in the school’s library. You may also ask your professor to give you some good ideas to consider.

What Aspects of Sports in Canada to Explore in Your Paper

  1. Men vs. women in sports.
  2. You can compare men and women who play sports using different criteria, e.g. what expectations they have, how much they earn, what help them stay motivated, and when they usually finish their careers.

  3. The use of drugs and steroids in sports.
  4. You may examine what chemicals are considered a dope and how using such performance altering drugs influences the health of a sportsman. It’s a good idea to provide some examples of Canadian athletes who got caught using steroids and the consequences they faced.

  5. Sports as a career choice.
  6. This is an intriguing topic, especially if you’re a professional player too. It’s interesting to find out how much money the athletes make in Canada, how long is an average sports career, and what challenges individuals may face on the road to success.

  7. Amateur sports in Canada.
  8. Many people participate in sports activities, but you may compose your work about a key one, e.g. golf, ice hockey, swimming, basketball, or volleyball. Some outstanding topics may cover the involvement of players, spectators, and officials in team games.

  9. Recovery from a sports injury.
  10. You can either write about the particular kind of an injury or tell the story of an athlete who overcame serious health problems and continued his or her career. The topics about preventing injuries and staying healthy are also worth thinking of.

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