Basic Instructions For Organizing A Research Paper Abstract In The APA Style

You need to write an abstract for your research paper but are unsure about what to do. This is a common problem faced by numerous students. The key is to stop panicking and understand that an abstract is just a short, standalone summary of the papers that will serve as an overview of sorts for your readers. An abstract describes the content of the paper and helps the readers get a better understanding. Writing an abstract in the APA style of formatting is extremely easy and the process is described below.

How to Handle Placement

  • Your abstract will serve as the second important part of the document and usually starts on the second page of the paper.
  • Keep in mind that the abstract section is going to follow the title page and comes prior to the main body of your paper which houses the core content.
  • The abstract portion needs to be a brief, single paragraph precis of the main purpose of your paper, the relevant points you have covered, your findings, your method as well as your conclusions.
  • You should try writing the abstract once the entirety of your paper has been completed in order to get a better understanding of just what it is that needs to be included in the section

Formatting in APA Style

The APA style recommends that your abstract be of 150 words in length. You can, however, extend till 250 words. However, it must be of a single paragraph. Unlike other paragraphs in your paper, the abstract’s first line should not contain any indentation. All of the abstract needs to be double spaced and the font should be Times New Roman. Keep the size 12 pt and set the margin at 1” on every side. The running heads must be included on the upper left-hand corner of every page while the page number should be present on the right.

Placing the Title

The abstract’s title needs to remain at the centre of the page at the top. There should be no additional space between the paragraph and title. You should refrain from formatting the title with italics, bold or quotation marks. Moreover, you should not mislabel the abstract with the title of your paper.

Inclusion of Keywords

Sometimes you may have to put a keywords list in your abstract to allow researchers to find your paper easily. These keywords need to be placed after the paragraph and they should be italicized and indented five spaces from the left margin and end with a colon.

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