In Search Of A Quality Outline For A Research Paper

Research papers certainly aren’t very high up on the list of “fun” assignments to work on. They, more often than not, end up being time-consuming and stressful. And even after you put all of your time and energy into this, there is still no dead set way of knowing whether you have done it right unless you get a second opinion or use another resource. Otherwise, you’re just waiting until you get your final grade. You can find example papers for similar assignments, but often one of the best things to do is find a great quality outline. This is like a shell that you fill in with your own words and research.

Tried and True Forms

This sort of outline has been around for a while, but this is because it works very well. Below, you’ll find an explanation of each part and what you need to do in order to pull it off successfully.

  • Introduction-
  • Thesis statement

    Main points

  • Body-
  • Most important facts

    Supporting details

  • Conclusion
  • Recap

    Final statement

Start at the Beginning - Your Introduction

The thesis is the first part of your paper. Typically, it should be the first thing that you read, immediately following the title. It should be no more than two sentences, but it will often work better as a single one. It should contain your main points- almost a summary of what you are about to say. Then, the rest of your introductory paragraphs will provide background information and explain what you are writing about.

The Bulk of Your Paper - the Body

You should try to set up the body paragraphs following what is often referred to as a “pyramid scheme”. Start with the facts that you consider to be the most crucial for your paper, and then slowly build up the strength of your assignment with supporting details as you go. This will show that you planned ahead of time and knew what you were going to write, rather than just throwing random words down onto the paper, with no thinking ahead whatsoever. This leaves you with a better impression with the professor, and it makes everything much easier to read and understand.

Wrap it Up Right - Conclusive Paragraphs

When you are all said and done with everything that you want to say, you should sort of do a recap. Cover all the main points again, and give a final statement. This is definitely the easiest part of the paper to write, and it won’t require much effort. However, it is strongly recommended that you read it over from start to finish determining whether the last sentence leaves it feeling complete, or if the reader is left wanting more. As long as it feels complete, you are good to go.

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