Good Sample Term Paper Topics You Can Use For Inspiration

When writing for college classes, students need to find the best topic possible. Professors have read through thousands of term papers during their career, so the topic must be completely unique. Initially, students will want to sit down with a pen and paper to brainstorm ideas. After brainstorming, students can narrow down the list to the best thesis statements. If the student is having problems choosing a topic, they can always use one from the following list. These topics can be used as they are written or modified to suit a specific writing prompt.

Term Paper Topics

  1. What role does cyber warfare play in modern warfare? Will the next war be conducted entirely online?
  2. Should animals be given the same rights as people? What protections should be in place to ensure animal rights?
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using mandatory minimum sentencing laws?
  4. What psychological reasons justify the continued interest in serial killers?
  5. What percentage of rapes are acquaintance rapes? How can people protect themselves from date rape?
  6. Should there be laws in place to prevent sweatshops from selling in western countries?
  7. Is capital punishment and economically efficient system?
  8. Is there still a glass ceiling for female executives? Are men and women equal in the workplace?
  9. Should gun control laws be made stricter?
  10. With police brutality in the media, what techniques can police departments use to gain the trust of the community?
  11. Will Amazon and online shopping ultimately overtake traditional brick-and-mortar businesses?
  12. What punishments should be given to white collar criminals? How should corporations be punished for fraud?
  13. How can ethics be enforced in e-commerce marketplaces?
  14. What were the implications of Roe Vs. Wade? Is there a right to privacy?
  15. In Europe, there is a right to be forgotten. Search engines are required to take listings about individuals off of the results if there is an adequate reason for doing so. Should the United States also adopt a right to be forgotten?
  16. What are the lasting implications of the Patriot Act?
  17. What impact did Ayn Rand have on the modern conservative movement?
  18. Compare the United States and Canada's justice systems. Is rehabilitative justice more effective than punitive justice?
  19. What role does auxin play in stimulating plant growth?
  20. What are the benefits and negatives of legalizing marijuana use recreationally?
  21. Is grade inflation a problem in schools?
  22. How can the government encourage people to make healthy eating choices?
  23. What is a diploma mill? Should these organizations be allowed?
  24. What are the drawbacks of using nuclear energy?
  25. What were some of the findings of the MK ULTRA program?

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