7 Components of a Good Research Paper on Juvenile Justice

A lot of papers have been written on juvenile justice. More will be written as the field evolves. A good research paper on the topic is one that will stand out among all the others. A paper that stands out receives better ratings and attracts the attention of readers as well as researchers. To write such a paper consider including the following elements.

  1. A Strong Title
  2. The title is the cover that entices a reader to dig deeper into the paragraphs. It should be deliberately chosen to make it strong and unique. It must also be fresh to avoid addressing ordinary issues especially those that have already been addressed. A title should be unique such that it stands out among the others. Make it specific to give the reader an indication of what to expect from the paper.

  3. Appropriate Structure
  4. There is a basic structure that informs every paper. It involves the inclusion of an introduction, body and conclusion in that order. The issues and presentation of each section must also be addressed. Instructions from your teacher may alter the structure a bit but not too much to cause significant difference.

  5. Necessary Vocabulary
  6. Juvenile justice like every other subject has unique vocabulary. These vocabularies assign meaning to words and phrases. When such words are taken out of context, they lose meaning. Ensure that you capture such vocabulary in your work.

  7. Good Formatting
  8. A good research paper is well formatted. The formatting style is dictated by the tutor and the department. Whether you are using APA or MLA, among other styles, you are required to consistently maintain this format. Failure to maintain the format leads to confusion. A reader is unable to follow your arguments.

  9. Coherent Arguments
  10. Coherence arises from a logical flow of ideas. One point or idea builds up on to another in a logical manner. There must be a line of thought connecting all the ideas expressed in your paper.

  11. Facts
  12. Academic work relies on facts. Such facts must be accepted or supported by a citation. Read widely on your subject of choice to get different views and facts. Avoid unfounded rumors and hearsay. They weaken your paper.

  13. Personal Touch
  14. A research paper is an opportunity to make a personal contribution to academics. Give your ideas and points a personal touch. This is the only justification you have for engaging in the writing exercise.

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