Instructions For Crafting An Introduction For An Academic Research Paper

Research can be quite fun, especially if you enjoy your field of study. At the end of every investigative project, especially successful ones, you are required to construct a paper, stating your findings and discoveries. This essay is then presented to your instructor and the general public for scrutiny. Based on the reaction of your peers, you can receive good or bad attention as a result of your essay.

In any essay, an important part is the introduction and this short piece serves many purposes. The most obvious one being the ability to attract the attention of a reader at a glance. The following five steps will outline an easy to understand path to creating an excellent introduction for your academic paper:

  1. Create a thesis statement
  2. This may be the most important bit of text contained in your essay and most often, it is the statement that people hear of first. Often having the ability to spark controversy among the scientifically illiterate, a hypothesis serves to clearly define parameters by which a particular phenomena can be tested to reveal the objective truth about it.

  3. Identify your chosen methods
  4. There are many ways an academic can proceed when conducting original investigation on a topic and many boards only recognize a certain group of these. It is important to ensure that you work withing the boundaries of accepted practices and research methods to avoid your work being discredited.

  5. Present small bits of interesting information
  6. This is a major aspect of an introduction and you must identify the most interesting points in your study. Present small bits of information to the reader, just enough to get them interested without being too detailed.

  7. Hint at points to come in the rest of your publication
  8. The introduction must be short, however, you can use this first paragraph to give a brief description of the upcoming, major sections of you paper. You can also briefly state your reasons for conducting this particular study and what you hope to achieve.

  9. End with a transitory hook
  10. While this is more of a literary device than a necessary part of research, it does have the ability to encourage a reader the view the rest of your essay, by enticing them with an incomplete bit of information. This is especially important when your work attempts to change public opinion about an important matter. Your introduction serves to prepare the reader for the upcoming information contained in your study.

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