Good Persuasive Research Paper Topics: 25 Interesting Questions

Persuasive research paper topics are not just interesting from the reading point of view; they also spark interest in the writer. You naturally get the kick to go forward and cement the topic or erode it from its foundation. There is that sense of attraction involved.

No personal involvement

There is a great chance that you will be personally involved in this; a figment of your heart or mind may be intrinsically connected with the topical theme. These topics are generally so relevant and strategic that you can hardly escape the blushes. Yet, you need to stay prudent and unscathed.

Perfect planning needed

You should first endeavor to gather as much information about the topic as possible. Then, you should attempt to carve out a sequential way with stylized emphasis on the points you hold sacred to its definition. Meanwhile, here are 25 instructive persuasive research paper topics for your purview –

  1. Impact of religion on the regulation on abortion
  2. Influence of mass media and social media on formative minds; the help and harm factor
  3. If you can’t beat them, join them – An assessment in case of marijuana
  4. Importance of military training – Should it be mandatory for able bodied citizens to enroll?
  5. The future potential as a holiday resort – sea-side or hill-top
  6. Should celebrities be made to do menial things during their paroles?
  7. Is the rise of censorship the correct way towards moral policing?
  8. Are women to blame for their objectification on celluloid?
  9. Is the spread of awareness actually necessary on the importance of breastfeeding?
  10. Should diplomats be excused in cases of murder or rape?
  11. Should rapists be imprisoned for life or subjected to a more lenient punishment?
  12. How home environment triggers Conduct Disorder Syndrome?
  13. Should the marriage age for women be reduced in tune with the rising sexual knowledge in teenagers?
  14. Should celebrities be allowed to sponsor their clones?
  15. Should movie stars be allowed the same security available to elected politicians?
  16. What should be censored more or not – sex or violence?
  17. Should there be a complete ban on processed and junk food?
  18. Should body builders at least be allowed to intake steroids?
  19. Status of online education: should online degrees be given equivalent status as University degrees?
  20. Should multicultural enterprises mandatorily keep a psychologist on their payroll?
  21. Should Governments encourage people who are employed from home?
  22. Status of energy consciousness in today’s world
  23. Are we proactive towards curbing global warming?
  24. Is it fair to blame immigrants for the rampant rise in the rate of smuggling?
  25. Is Racism in offices going to dip down or shoot up?

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