Writing An Excellent Research Paper On Racism In 10 Steps

There are many controversial subjects that often make students a little hesitant when it comes to writing a research paper – one of these subjects is that of racism, which can come up in everything from ethnic studies course to a political science course. After getting over the initial hesitation, you’re going to have to know a few things about writing an excellent assignment. So here are the 10 steps you need:

  • Step 1) Review the Prompt
  • Be sure you understand what your instructor expects of you from the assignment. Sometimes you need to answer specific questions or address certain themes, details, or events. Highlight all the keywords you need to focus on.

  • Step 2) Narrow Your Topic
  • No one expects you to write a comprehensive history of racism. So don’t do any more than you need to meet the assignment’s requirements. A focused topic is also much easier to study, so don’t give yourself extra work. Step 3) Develop a Thesis

    You should be able to compose a thesis statement that simply communicates your preliminary point of view before conducting your in-depth study. Your viewpoint may change but drafting a thesis now will help guide your study.

  • Step 4) Create a Bibliography
  • Take your thesis statement and write a list of the kinds of topics you need to read up on to prove your argument. This gives you preliminary bibliography by which to begin your work. You can present this to the professor to ensure you are getting off on the right foot.

  • Step 5) Create a Draft Outline
  • This is a great tool for creating some direction in your research and note taking. While you should think critically in creating this draft, don’t get bogged down in getting it right or providing too much detail. This will change as you review resources and gather notes.

  • Step 6) Start Your Research
  • Now it’s time to get onto the crème of the work. Head to your school library and present your bibliography to the reference librarian. You should be to get some more ideas and will know exactly where to look for your resources both online and in the shelves.

  • Step 7) Revise Your Outline
  • After you’ve done some heavy reading and have gathered your notes from your study, you should have a better idea of the structure and organization of your work. Revise your outline to make the most efficient use of argument.

  • Step 8) Write a First Draft
  • Start writing your first draft soon after completing your research. Your first draft should always be written with efficiency and quickness in mind. Don’t stop to make corrections, just keep going and let your momentum churn out the first version of your assignment.

  • Step 9) Revise Your Paper
  • If you’ve stuck to a schedule you should have enough time to take a few days before you start revising. This is an effective method for returning to your work with a fresh perspective in order to better identify parts that can be improved upon.

  • Step 10) Edit and Proofread
  • The final step for composing a great research paper on the subject of racism – or any other subject – is editing and proofreading. Even the most skilled writers will make small mistakes. Be sure you check every page, every paragraph, and every sentence carefully.

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